Sly: Hello, I'm here to dance.
Bouncer: Whuh? Sorry "Sir" but we have a dress code... you got a tuxedo?
Sly: Uhh... no?
Bouncer: Sorry, pal. No tux, no entry!
— Sly being denied access to Rajan's party[src]

"Ballroom Dance Party" was a job for Sly Cooper in A Starry Eyed Encounter of Sly 2: Band of Thieves.


Sly needs to impress Carmelita Fox with his dancing so she will join him in distracting the partygoers while Murray steals the Clockwerk wings.


Head into the ballroom and impress Carmelita with your moves.
— In-game description
After the mission starts, Sly knocks on Rajan's palace door. A bouncer opens the doorslot and states that the dance floor has a dress code, and that to gain entry, Sly would need to be wearing a tuxedo. Sly admits that he does not have one, which prompts the bouncer to deny him access into the ballroom.

Sly contacts Bentley with his Binocucom, and Bentley apologizes for his overlooking of the need for formal wear. Sly tells Bentley not to worry, and that there is almost definitely a spare tuxedo to be found on the grounds. Bentley agrees and directs Sly to the guest house.


  • This is the only job in Sly 2 which is completed only by walking up to the waypoint and going through the cutscene, and is therefore not included in the Job List on the Pause menu.