Cash is the perfect gift any time of the year and this sassy currency tote is the perfect accessory for any wild west fashionista! Made from faux weathered burlap with a thick horsehair braid which easily cinches up to protect your precious currency!
— In-game description[src]

The Bag of Cash is a treasure that can be found in Go West Young Raccoon of Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time. This item sells for 406 coins on ThiefNet and has a time limit of approximately 30 seconds to be returned to the hideout before it disappears.


The treasure is a brown leather bag pulled tight with a rope. It has gold and bills sticking out of the top.


This treasure can be found underneath the safe house. You will need to use the Jailbird Costume to move the block, then use the Samurai Costume to open the door with the treasure inside.