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The Archery Costume is one of the costumes Sly is available to use in Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time, located and acquired in Medieval England. It is used in large part during the job The Amazing Cooperoni, in order to save Sly's ancestor, Sir Galleth Cooper, from captivity.


How this costume is obtained and where it is first used is currently unknown, and will be revealed before or when Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time releases.


The Archery Costume can only function when a bucket of arrows is next to Sly. When the costume is equipped and a bucket of arrows is nearby, Sly may take an arrow from the bucket, aim at a nearby target, and fire. If Sly manages to hit the target without missing or before the power meter runs out, a rope is now available from Sly's position to the target's position, and the Rail Walk can be used to walk across.

If Sly hits a target, the bucket of arrows associated with the target can no longer be used.

Getting a bulls-eye on the target (hitting the small center circle) occasionally sends a couple of coins Sly's way, along with a possible health pick-up in case Sly doesn't have full health.


As with all costumes, pressing the L2 button equips or un-equips the costume. Pressing the circle button next to a bucket of arrows takes an arrow out of the bucket. Holding the R1 button will draw the bow, and letting go after a couple of seconds will fire the arrow. To aim before and during firing it, the left analog stick is used. Pressing the circle button before or while drawing the bow will cancel.


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