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The Archer Costume is one of the costumes available for Sly Cooper to use in Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time, located and acquired in Medieval England. It is used in large part to save Sly's ancestor Sir Galleth Cooper from captivity.[1]


Bentley sends Sly out to gather materials for the costume in one of the first missions in Medieval England, which is in three parts; metal, wood and leather.[2] After getting the costume he uses the new abilities afforded by it to rescue Sir Galleth Cooper from the Circus.[1]


The Archer Costume can only function when a bucket of arrows is next to Sly. When the costume is equipped and a bucket of arrows is nearby, Sly may take an arrow from the bucket, aim at a nearby target, and fire. If Sly manages to hit the target without missing or before the power meter runs out, a rope is now available from Sly's position to the target's position, and the Rail Walk can be used to walk across.

If Sly hits a target, the bucket of arrows associated with the target can no longer be used.

Getting a bulls-eye on the target (hitting the small center circle) occasionally sends a couple of coins Sly's way, along with a possible health pick-up in case Sly doesn't have full health.


As with all costumes, pressing L2Button equips and unequips the costume. Pressing CircleButton next to a bucket of arrows takes an arrow out of the bucket. Holding R1Button will draw the bow, and letting go after a couple of seconds will fire the arrow. To aim before and during firing it, LStick is used. Pressing CircleButton before or while drawing the bow will cancel.



  • The Archer Costume is also Sly's pre-order costume in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale.
  • The costume resembles Robin Hood's outfit.
  • It is the the only costume that doesn't have an introduction scene when Sly first obtains it.
  • This costume is the only one in the game to incorporate the Cooper Family's trademark C-shape into it. One of the tips of the bow bears the shape.


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