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The Archer Costume is one of the costumes available for Sly Cooper to use in Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time, located and acquired in Medieval England. It is used in large part to save Sly's ancestor Sir Galleth Cooper from captivity.[1]


Bentley sends Sly out to gather materials for the costume in the first job of Of Mice and Mechs, which is in three parts; metal, wood and leather.[2] After getting the costume he uses the new abilities afforded by it to rescue Sir Galleth Cooper from the Circus.[1]


The Archer Costume can only function when a bucket of arrows is next to Sly. When the costume is equipped and a bucket of arrows is nearby, Sly may take an arrow from the bucket, aim at a nearby target, and fire. If Sly manages to hit the target without missing or before the power meter runs out, a rope is now available from Sly's position to the target's position, and the Rail Walk can be used to walk across.

If Sly hits a target, the bucket of arrows associated with the target can no longer be used.

Getting a bulls-eye on the target (hitting the small center circle) occasionally sends a couple of coins Sly's way, along with a possible health pick-up in case Sly doesn't have full health.

There are also blue arrow buckets in the hub worlds that don't have rope attached to them and their only purpose is to shoot guards. Any guards hit by arrows will be taken out in one shot, including flashlight guards.


As with all costumes, pressing L2Button equips and unequips the costume. Pressing CircleButton next to a bucket of arrows takes an arrow out of the bucket. Holding R1Button will draw the bow, and letting go after a couple of seconds will fire the arrow. To aim before and during firing it, LStick is used. Pressing CircleButton before or while drawing the bow will cancel.


The Archer Costume has no other function than firing arrows from buckets. Not only does the costume disable Sly's use of any ThiefNet gadgets, such as the use of the paraglider, he is also unable to perform some of his default moves such as the Spin Attack or Stealth Slam. Despite his bow having a hooked end on one side, Sly is unable to swing from hooks or attach to wall hooks.



  • The Archer Costume was Sly's pre-order costume in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale.[3]
  • The costume resembles Robin Hood's outfit.
  • It is the only costume that doesn't have an introduction scene when Sly first obtains it.
  • This costume is the only one in the game to incorporate the Cooper clan's trademark C-shape into it. One of the tips of the bow bears the shape.
    • Despite this, the Archer Costume lacks the ability to hook and swing from objects or attach to wall hooks as previously mentioned.
  • This costume, along with the Thief Costume are the only two costumes that retain Sly's acrobatic mobility.