Ape Defender

Sly attacks an ape.

Apes (a.k.a. Andre and Won Ton) were a secondary security force employed by the Panda King to protect his stronghold in the Kunlun Mountains in China. Andre was a huge, big-fisted ape with a pink bandanna and a white loincloth, and Won Ton was a small monkey that Andre used to attack Sly Cooper. They threw the children from rudimentary catapults, making them grow into snowballs which would harm Sly. Once Sly gets close they cease catapulting and turn away, scared. They could be defeated with a single strike.


  • Sly's Binocucom states that they're scared of thieving raccoons. This is shown by the way they act scared whenever you get close.
  • The way their scarf is situated it looks like a red tie, which makes them look like Donkey Kong.
  • Andre is the only type of guard in Fire in the Sky whose real name is not named after a popular Chinese dish. However, Won Ton is.

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