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Episode 1: An Opera of Fear

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An Opera of Fear
In-Game Information
LocationVenice, Italy
Master Thief Challenges8
Real World Information
Clock Time4:30 A.M. (Day 1)
5:30 P.M (Day 2)
Previous EpisodeBeginning of the End
Next EpisodeRumble Down Under
MediaSly 3: Honor Among Thieves

An Opera of Fear is the first episode in Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves.


Sly and Bentley need Murray back in the gang. However, Murray won't rejoin until "the black water runs pure."


Sly Cooper

Sneak into the Venice police station and see if Murray is there.

Follow Octavio through venice and get photographic evidence of his tar scheme.

Sneak into Octavio's opera house and hack into his computer to see what he has planning on carnivale.

Without advertising, no one will show up for the big comeback recital.


Octavio has hired the Blue Viper Gang to hunt down and kill Carmelita. Hotwire a police boat and head after them.

Cleverly hidden blueprints of the tar vacuum prompt Sly to don a disguise.


Use the new ball form to destroy 6 tar pipes around town.


Octavio has hired the Vincenetti Gang for protection on recital day.

The Operation

Time to shut down the tar scheme!

Level Ending

Octavio's in jail for what he did to Venice and Murray is back with the team.

Master Thief Challenges


  • This marks the second time when it's just Sly and Bentley.
  • The Rialto Bridge is a actual landmark in Italy
  • This is one of the only times Sly doesn't say his main goal was to fight Octavio. He said in the cutscene for Opera Of Fear "I just hope Murray doesn't run into local mob boss, Don Octavio." And Sly says the backstory for Octavio.


  • Similar to The Black Chateau, flashlight guards are seen when Sly and Bentley are heading for their safehouse, but disappear after Sly comes out and come back again during day 1.
  • Bentley's first slideshow shows the sky with no stars.
  • During the recital, when Bentley sings the final note, it's off-sync. This only happens in the Sly Collection.
  • When the ferris wheel falls and kills the pigeon guard, one of his coins is floating high in the air.
  • When Bentley starts the "Canal Chase" mission, all the other moving boats disappear. Also, after you take out all three Blue Vipers, Bentley keeps running into the obstacles.
  • When Bentley was knocked out by Octavio, he was lying in front of a building, but in the getaway, Sly and Murray picked him up in the middle of where the stage was.
  • If you go back to where the stage was you can jump on the "rope" and float.


Episode 1 - An Opera of Fear - Opening Cutscene02:56

Episode 1 - An Opera of Fear - Opening Cutscene

Episode 1 - An Opera of Fear - Closing Cutscene01:53

Episode 1 - An Opera of Fear - Closing Cutscene

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