Cut content: The following is based on cut or altered content and is not considered to be part of the Sly Cooper continuity.
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This is a list of content that was either removed or altered in the final version of each game.


Sly Cooper and the Thievius RaccoonusEdit

  • In the Sly Cooper Jampack Winter demo, it is said that the Panda King was the first member of the Fiendish Five instead of Sir Raleigh. Sly Cooper would also learn the climb move from the Panda King's section of the Thievius Raccoonus.
  • In the E3 demo of Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus, Sly had a different voice, model and textures.
  • Carmelita Fox was originally named "Chase," and wore different clothes.
  • Clue bottles had a safe dial on the bottles instead of a yellow question mark.
  • There is also a cut enemy in the E3 demo.
  • Level names were different in the demo.
  • The walrus guards in Tide of Terror were originally purple instead of brown. The flashlight guards were still squids, but had different looks and walked differently. There is also no dialogue when Sly first approaches "Prowling the Grounds" and no need to double jump up the first ledge.
  • Raleigh's level was originally going to be completely underwater and feature a submarine that could turn its "wings" to fit through crevasses.[1]
  • Sly's cane had multiple functions, including revealing a hidden laser maze with the spray of some water and freezing enemies to create walkways.[1]
  • Clue bottles were originally dancing cash bundles, however, they were removed because they would have to be different colors for each area, due to paper money being different colors around the world. The cash would fly into Sly's pouch, which was a satchel around his left arm.[1]
  • Originally, Sly's eyes would always be able to be seen, regardless if it was dark or not.[1]
  • Sly's original name was going to be JT, but his name was changed early in development.
  • The "The Unseen Foe" mission originally was going to feature a barrel like in "A Cunning Disguise" and "A Daring Rescue."

Sly 2: Band of ThievesEdit

  • There was going to be a ninth episode that took place in Monaco. A mission was also detailed as having Bentley hijack a yacht and crash it into the docks. It is assumed that this was going to be a second Dimitri Lousteau episode, as he has only one, and he is in Monaco in The Adventures of Sly Cooper, Issue 1.[1]
  • A yacht appeared in an early version of Paris; while it is unknown what the purpose of the yacht was, it may have been related to the cut Monaco episode.
  • An early version of the game originally had maps, in the PAL instruction manual talks about them a brief conversation between Bentley and Sly refer to using them to look for waypoint beacons.
  • As mentioned by Bentley in the demo disc for Sly 2, some flashlight guards in specific missions (such as "Theater Pickpocketing") would have red flashlights instead of yellow. These guards would all be in radio contact with one another, so being seen by one would alert all of them.
  • Keys in some missions would be replaced by key cards.
  • Both the warthog guards and the rats from The Black Chateau had different texturing; The warthog guard's face was brown, his eyes were yellow and he had a blue and purple suit. This early version can be seen in the E3 demo of Sly 2. The rats, on the other hand, had a pink bandana instead of a red one; this design is only seen in pictures.
  • It originally took three hits from Murray to kill a rooftop guard.
    • Rooftop guards originally took 2 slam moves to defeat, while flashlight guards originally took 3.
  • A few early images show there was originally going to be snow in A Tangled Web, just like Jailbreak.
    • The bank also originally had wooden boards nailed to the door of the abandoned bank Neyla has taken over.
  • Several jobs were cut from, or altered in, the final game.
    • In The Black Chateau there was a job requiring Sly to ride the skids of a helicopter around Paris in order to drop into and unlock the courtyard behind the nightclub. In the final game, the courtyard's gate is not required to, and cannot, be opened.[2]
    • Follow Neyla's mission originally had you chase her back to the start of the mission to gain insider knowledge about Dimitri, which would unlock the cut helicopter mission, instead Neyla just leads you to the nightclub's back entrance.
    • Dimitri's boss fight in the mission Operation: Thunder Beak originally took place on the upper levels of Dimitri's printing press room, which also had a removed pipe leading up to the second level and operational elevators, these elevators still function in the final game.
  • In the demo, coins would appear in larger amounts.
    • Also, clue bottles made no sound.

Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves Edit

  • As seen in the demo, there were several differences:
    • When flying the biplane in "Fly the Biplane," crashing would cause instant death.
      • Also, the lights around the arena would flash red.
      • Bentley also had an extra line when you complete the mission, which was "Outstanding, Team Cooper is going to the finals!"
      • The number of planes Sly had to destroy was originally 30.
    • In "Lemonade Brawl," guards spawned no coins when defeated.
    • The Guru was originally referred to as "The Shaman."
      • Also, his auras were a different color.
    • The sun in Yuendumu Australia was originally going to be in a different direction. This is seen in Bentley's slideshows in Rumble Down Under.
    • All waypoints (as seen in "The Shaman Escapes") were blue like Sly's. Also, whenever one was triggered, it would show the Cooper logo following the direction of the waypoint.
      • Also in that mission, there was no crocodile.
    • In "The Shaman Escapes," less background noise was heard. Also, when the grinder exploded, it would make a more silent explosion.
    • Sly's backstory originally had a different beginning, where it showed an apparently wounded Sly lying on the ground nearly unconscious.
      • Other differences with the cutscene include:
        • The background noises and music being notably louder.
        • In the scene where Sly watches his father get murdered, his tears did not move.
        • When it showed Kaine Island, the sky was a different color.
        • The sound of the Cooper Vault opening and closing was different.
  • Some early images show that Muggshot was originally going to the main opponent in the ACES competition.
    • He is also seen entering the lobby via the main entrance in the opening of Episode 3 when Sly and the gang make their way to the safehouse, he can also been seen in early images where Sly is seen running across a rope, which was cropped for the NTSC version's back cover.
  • Early versions of the pigeon and cat guards from An Opera of Fear show them wearing jester carnival costumes.
  • Octavio also had an original design, in which he had white facial hair, no hat, a red cape and no mask.
  • Octavio's sign also had a different design. This could be seen in the Sly vs. Carmelita split-screen minigame in the demo.
  • There was a cut mission which saw Bentley bomb the boats with the opera recital signs, this was removed in favor of the Hazard Room.
  • The mission where you have to take photos of Octavio did not originally include Sly latching onto the Ferris wheel to overhear Octavio's phone conversation, instead the mission just ended, there was a separate mission entirely in which you had to pickpocket keys from guards as Sly and Bentley to unlock the locked down control panel so they can destroy it, but the sped up Ferris wheel did not originally break off instead Sly and Bentley jumped onto a roof just like they do in the final and Bentley threw bombs at Sly for him to knock them onto the Ferris wheel in a cut baseball minigame, this would cause the Ferris wheel to break off and kill 3 guards just like it does in the final game.
    • This cut baseball mechanic is featured in the "Search for the Guru" mission where Bentley would throw wallhooks, cane hooks and bombs to Sly to hit them onto the rock walls and poles so that Sly could make his way to the locations of the Guru instead Sly is alone throughout the mission and all the wallhooks and cane hooks are already there.

Sly Cooper: Thieves in TimeEdit

  • The Green Gem and Classic Gaming Gear were a piece of loot and treasure respectively, originally supposed to appear in Japan. The former was replaced by the Kabuki Mask in the released game.
  • Ancient Egypt was initially going to be included as a sixth episode, but was cut because of the size limits of PS Vita games. However, it was incorporated into a secret ending for the game, showing Sly in the sand next to a sphinx and two pyramids.
  • Horseshoe Mode was going to be a sort of "New Game+" mode. After completing the game once, it could be played again without a health bar, instead going to back to Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus style of gameplay, using horseshoes as health. It was removed because of time constraints.[3]
  • There were three planned antagonists not present in the released game:
    • A male elephant who was meant to be the antagonist of 40 Thieves. He was later merged with another character to create Miss Decibel. Aspects of this character remain in the final game, such as elephant statues holding books in their trunks and acting as fountains.
    • A female monitor lizard who appeared to be some sort of wealthy aristocrat. Her planned role in the game is unknown, but her character was later merged with the male elephant to create Miss Decibel.
    • A male mole with a large drill-like contraption strapped to his back. He was the original antagonist in Of Mice and Mechs instead of Penelope.



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