Alligator mutants are enemy guards faced by Murray and Inspector Carmelita Fox in Honor Among Thieves of Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves. They served as Dr. M's rooftop guards.


These mutants have an alligator head, crab claws and kangaroo feet. They have yellow hair and wear light purple platings on their chests. They wear purple pants with a black belt to hold it and light purple knee pads. Their weapon of choice are their crab claws, which they can either use to slam you or throw at you. They can also block some of Murray's punches.


  • Some of these guards' animations resemble the wolves from Prague. This can be seen better in their hit animation and falling animation.
  • These rooftop guards take 3 hits to defeat with Murray, a trait only shared with the geese and cobra mutants, making them tougher than most rooftop guards.
    • However, these guards take one hit to defeat with Carmelita.
  • These guards are the only rooftop guards in the series that don't collapse when hit with one of Murray's punches. They are also the only ones that can block Murray's moves.

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