"All Rolled Up!" was a job for Carmelita Fox, Bentley, Murray and Sly Cooper in 40 Thieves of Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time.


  • Find out what's behind the ornate door and stop Le Paradox from making off with the false documents.


The misson starts with Carmelita Fox as she performs a belly dance for the guards, so that the Cooper Gang can open the door (which takes them all to open). After the door was opened, Salim al-Kupar offered to stay behind and "watch over" Carmelita while Sly and friends walk into Le Paradox's private docking station. Cleverly using the mouse-mobile to lure away the guards, Bentley hacks the computer in the control room to give Sly and Murray access. However, a failsafe system kicks in and Sly and Murray have to beat their way through guards before they all finally see Le Paradox, already in his blimp for a fast get away.

Miss Decibel then came in carrying an unconscious Salim, and it is learned that Le Paradox had already stolen his cane and had the false documents on board. He planned on leaving Miss Decibel behind, and Sly is delayed by the love struck elephant from getting to Paradox in time. Le Paradox escaped with Carmelita on board, and Miss Decibel's nose is corked. The future is now in dire peril, and the Cooper Gang must return to present fast!

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