"All Rolled Up!" was a job for Carmelita Fox, Bentley, Murray and Sly Cooper in 40 Thieves of Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time.


The Cooper Gang heads inside the lamp shop to discover what is hidden behind the big, strange door.


Bentley goes over the plan for the heist. Carmelita must put on a purple silk costume and distract the apes guarding the door in the lamp shop by doing a belly dance. She is very uncomfortable with this, but Bentley explains to her that it's the only way they're going to get past the door.

Once the gang enters the shop, Carmelita is dressed up in the outfit and approaches the guards, grabbing their attention. She performs a belly dance for the guards, so that the rest of the gang can open the door (which takes them all to open).

After the door is opened, Salim offers to stay behind and "watch over" Carmelita while Sly and his pals head into Le Paradox's private docking station. Cleverly using the mouse-mobile to lure away the guards, Bentley hacks the computer in the control room to give Sly and Murray access. However, a fail-safe system kicks in. Since they cannot wait for Bentley to resolve the problem, Sly and Murray have to beat their way through a bunch of rat trooper guards before they can reach Le Paradox, who is already in his blimp for a fast get away.

Miss Decibel then arrives carrying an unconscious Salim. Le Paradox claims he is actually yesterday's trash, and that he only wanted his cane, which he reveals to already have on board, along with the false royal documents. He plans on leaving Miss Decibel behind, but she tries to catch up with him. Sly must battle his way through her to reach the skunk himself. Sly defeats her using his Thief Costume to make her crash into electric poles.

Decibel, hanging on a rope, begs Le Paradox to let her on board the blimp. However, he claims that they have already reach maximum weight capacity, as he also captured Carmelita. She continues to beg him, reminding him about their relationship, and that she is the one who made him the documents. He then tells her that their relationship would never work, and then reveals to her his hatred for her music, saying it stinks worse than he does. This angers Decibel and makes her see him as the lying deviant he really is. She falls down to the floor, and Le Paradox begins his escape with Carmelita on board. She cries out for Sly's help, to which he says not to worry, as this is not over. The blimp rises out of the dock, then disappears.

Salim walks up to Miss Decibel and places a cork in her trunk. With the future in dire peril, the gang must return to present fast!