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Carmelita: I don't get it, Cooper. I've hunted you for years, tried to throw you behind bars - but when you get a chance to leave me in a cage you set me free - why?
Sly: Carmelita, we may be on opposite sides of the law, but you're not my enemy. Now the homicidal robotic owl that built this Death Ray and nearly gassed us to death - that guy's on my list!

— Carmelita and Sly, after escaping Clockwerk's gas chamber[src]

"A Temporary Truce" was a job in Episode 5: The Cold Heart of Hate of Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus.


After escaping the deadly gas chamber, Carmelita asks Sly why he didn't he let her die, seeing as she is his enemy. Sly answers that while they may be on opposite sides of the law, they are not enemies. Carmelita then decides to make a temporary truce with Sly. Suddenly, a Robo-Falcon appears and steals Sly's cane. Carmelita is able to destroy him, but the cane falls on top of Clockwerk's factory. Sly runs to recover it, while Carmelita protects him from the Fire Slugs and Robo-Falcons. After Sly recovers his cane, he runs to the next area.


  • This is the first time in the series that Carmelita is playable.

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