A Tangled Web is the fifth episode of Sly 2: Band of Thieves. The main antagonist of the episode is The Contessa for the second time.


The SetupEdit

The Cooper Gang learned that The Contessa was a secret member of the Klaww Gang. However, so had INTERPOL, and they had provided Constable Neyla with the means to hire an army of mercenaries and wage war on the corrupt Contessa. In the midst of this war, the Cooper Gang had to save Carmelita from the Contessa and steal the Clockwerk Eyes, which the Contessa planned to use to brainwash Carmelita into becoming the "best of friends" with her, and make Carmelita take the fall for her at Interpol.


Job name Completed by
Know Your Enemy Sly Cooper
Take recon photos around the castle and then climb up to the Contessa's "re-education" tower.
Ghost Capture Sly
Free the ghosts, capture them on film, and then release them down the chimney into Neyla's HQ!
Mojo Trap Action Bentley
Bentley has found a bad mojo collector, which is a semi-magical device that absorbs bad mojo. He needs to use this to gather mojo that runs off from the spouts on the ceiling. If he gathers a full tank of bad mojo, it should be enough to destroy the mind shuffler.
Kidnap the General Murray
Kidnap General Clawfoot and bring him back to the Safe House for questioning... Bentley thinks he can pry the Contessa's security codes out of him.
Stealing Voices Sly
Steal the voice modulator and wire tap then install them beneath Neyla's HQ.
Tank Showdown Murray
Steal one the Contessa's tanks and go to war on Neyla's mercenary forces... just remember to dodge enemy fire!
Crypt Hack Bentley
Hack into the Contessa's crypt computers in order to power up the old terminal in her "re-education" tower.
Operation: High Road Sly, Bentley, Murray
Start a battle between Neyla's and Contessa's forces as a distraction in order to free Carmelita and get the Clockwerk Eyes.

The GetawayEdit

Sly rescued Carmelita, defeated the Contessa, and retrieved the Clockwerk Eyes. The Contessa was arrested by Neyla, who was promoted to Captain. Carmelita, still on the outs with INTERPOL, turned to the Cooper Gang for help in escaping Prague.



The safe was located in the tower directly opposite to the re-education tower, where Sly obtained the Wire Tap. The combination to the safe was 9-6-9, and inside was the Rage Bomb gadget.


Sly 2 Band of Thieves - A Tangled Web The Setup

Sly 2 Band of Thieves - A Tangled Web The Setup

Sly 2 Band of Thieves - A Tangled Web The Getaway

Sly 2 Band of Thieves - A Tangled Web The Getaway


  • A grave could be seen in this area with the words "R.I.P Rocket." It was a reference to the protagonist of Sucker Punch's first game they developed, Rocket: Robot on Wheels.
    • A character of Jojo from Rocket: Robot on Wheels is also appeared as an easter egg on this episode located inside crypt.
  • This is the second time Sly tries to free Carmelita.
    • This is also the second time Sly helps Carmelita. This is so Carmelita can escape from Neyla.
  • When Sly runs after Neyla after they free the Clockwerk eyes, you can see that the eyes are still attached to the board and at the same time, one is on the ground by Bentley.