I'm going to steal my family's book back. And if Raleigh gets in my way... it's on.
— Sly Cooper[src]

"A Stealthy Approach" was a job in Tide of Terror of Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus. After the prologue, it is the first job in the game.


After stealing the police files of every Fiendish Five member, Sly Cooper and the gang prepares to retrieve the first part of the Thievius Raccoonus, which is in the possession of Sir Raleigh, the chief machinist of the Fiendish Five. In order to face the evil frog, they travel to the Isle of Wrath, the sinister resting place of thousands of wrecked ships.

After creeping through a small cave, Sly stumbles upon a large gate blocking the path to Raleigh's hideout. To get past it, he must make use of his climb move. Once on the other side, he spots some searchlights, which Bentley explains to be very dangerous should Sly take one careless step. Sly sneaks past the security and catches sight of a big blimp, which Bentley claims to be where Raleigh is hiding out. Sly, however, states that it looks more like a machine than a hideout, to which Bentley agrees, saying it is a storm machine. He explains that it is the cause of the perpetual bad weather in the area, and that Raleigh is using it as a means of causing shipwrecks, allowing him to plunder the debris for loot.

Sly presses on, fighting through several Walrus Guards protecting the entrance. Sly reaches the end of the area, where he finds a treasure key. He steals it and unlocks the path that will lead him to Raleigh's boat.


There are 20 clues in this area, and the vault is located just after the second set of searchlights, before the key. The combination to the vault is 7-9-2.

The clues have led me to believe that the code for this vault is 7-9-2.
— Bentley[src]