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Sly, you'd better be on your guard here. My paranormal scanners show this place is really haunted!
— Bentley warning Sly about the ghosts in the area

"A Grave Undertaking" was a job in Vicious Voodoo of Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus.


This is the first level with the ghost rats, and they are generating from small stones. They don't stop until Sly smashes the stone, after which Bentley concludes that they are some sort of ghost generator. He suggests that Sly smash them all to be safe.


There are 40 clues in this stage, and the vault is located behind a set of breakable sticks after defeating the last ghosts and destroying their gravestones. The combination to the vault is 1-2-8.

Okay. Okay, this is kind of a guess but try 1-2-8.
— Bentley[src]


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