Guru: "Speaks Aboriginal"
Bentley: That's an excellent idea Guru. You're the only member of the team who doesn't carry metal equipment. If you can "convince" some of the local sharks into joining you in an attack, it might be enough to break the buoy.
— Bentley and Guru devising a plan to retrieve the Cooper Cane[src]

"A Deadly Bite" was a job for The Guru in Honor Among Thieves of Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves.


Sly's Cane is stuck to an electromagnetic buoy after Dr. M's Mutant Primate threw it from his mouth, and the gang must retrieve it. Dimitri Lousteau suggests swimming over to it and grabbing it, but Bentley says that he can't because of both the shark's in the water and that the buoy would magnetize his gear. The Guru suggests that he ride the sharks to make them bite the buoy in order to turn off the power and detach the cane. Bentley allows him to based on the fact that he carries no metal equipment.

The Guru possesses a total of 10 sharks while dodging the automated marine defense system and gets all of the sharks to bite the buoy. He then turns off the power and the cane falls deep into the ocean. Mission complete.