Sly: But if I don't do anything Carmelita is doomed. Besides, stealing just wouldn't be any fun without her.
Bentley: Sly, your ridiculous raccoon logic sends shivers up my shell.
— Sly, vowing to save Carmelita from Clockwerk's gas chamber[src]

"A Daring Rescue" was a job in The Cold Heart of Hate of Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus. After beating the Fire Slugs to the computers, Sly enters what seems to be the fortress' main room. Carmelita Fox is trapped in a containment unit inside a special chamber at the end of the room.


Bentley warns Sly that this is probably a trap and that Carmelita has only ever tried to throw Sly in jail, but Sly insists on saving her. In order to do so, he avoids the dart-shooting machines by using a barrel as a shield. Once he enters the chamber and destroys the containment unit, the chamber fills with deadly gas.

Clockwerk then appears on the chamber's screens, laughing and mocking Sly, stating that empathy has always been the downfall of the Cooper Clan. Bentley has to act quickly in order to prevent the gas from killing Sly and Carmelita. Mission complete.

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