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Those rats got pegged.
— Sly Cooper[src]

"A Cunning Disguise" was a job in Tide of Terror of Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus.


Sly Cooper enters an area which seems to be Raleigh's library. Sly needs to collect another one of Raleigh's Treasure Keys in order to proceed to the next area of Sir Raleigh's boat. Unfortunately, Sir Raleigh has booby-trapped the entire area, and dart-shooting machines will eliminate Sly if he walks on the rugs on the floor. Sly needs to use a barrel as a shield to avoid the darts. After obtaining the key, Sly can now take out the generator and access the other part of Raleigh's boat. By every checkpoint is another barrel, and the barrel is charred, splintered, and almost destroyed, but it stays intact.

Developer commentary

Commentators: Bruce Oberg, Rob McDaniel, Hokyo Lim

  • This is one of a few levels that have the key be visible to the player from early on in the level.
  • This was the first level featuring multiple floors; as Oberg described it: "double-decker."

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