This page is about the job from Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves. For the competition found in Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves, see ACES competition.
Bentley: Stay sharp Sly! Iceland and Belgium will be at each other's throats up there, but your still outnumbered!
Sly: Relax mom, this is gonna be great!
— As Sly enters the ACES Semifinals[src]

"ACES Semifinals" was a job for Sly Cooper in Flight of Fancy of Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves.


It is time for the ACES Semifinals! Sly is ready to take down Team Iceland and Team Belgium.


After all of the previous missions are complete, Sly heads over to the team hangar to suit up and prep his plane for the competition. He hops in his plane and sits at the top of the ramp, ready for take-off. Before doing so, Bentley warns him to stay sharp as he is still outnumbered, even though Iceland and Belgium are going to be at each other's necks. Sly eagerly takes takes off to the dogfighting arena, stating "This is going to be great!"

Once there, he must take down 25 planes before he gets shot down. Dimitri is heard doing his commentary throughout the competition. Once Sly successfully defeats both teams, Team Cooper officially qualifies for the finals.


  • When Sly launches his Biplane, it is nighttime as usual, but when the competition starts immediately afterwards, it is daytime.
  • Dimitri is doing commentary during the mission, as Bentley mentioned in the job, "Hidden Flight Roster", which is the reason Dimitri is in Holland.
  • During development, the lights on the poles surrounding the arena were red.
  • In the Sly 3 demo, Sly had to take down 30 planes.
    • Also, when Sly won, Bentley had an extra line, which was "Outstanding, Team Cooper is going to the finals!", before Dimitri said the line.
  • In the demo, crashing the plane would cause instant death.