This page is about the competition. For the job that takes place during the semifinal round, see ACES Semifinals. For the job that takes place during the final round, see Operation: Turbo Dominant Eagle.

Sly Cooper in the ACES competition

ACES was an annual flying competition hosted by the Black Baron and held in Kinderdijk, South Holland. The objective of the competition was to fly airplanes, typically of the bi- and tri- variety, and shoot down the other teams until there was one team standing. That team would then move onto the semi-finals, and the winner of that round would go up against the reigning champion, Team Black Baron, in the finals.


The ACES competition was created by Penelope, under the guise of the Black Baron, in the chance of attracting worthy opponents.[1] Participants included teams from various countries, as well as teams led by Muggshot and Penelope herself.[2] Penelope went on to become the undefeated champion of the competition, partly due to the fact that she would have her gunships shoot anyone down who was about to win.

To ensure a fair competition among the other participants, Penelope forbade any competitors to leave the hotel after sunset. She also kept the flight roster a secret, so that teams would not know who they would be flying against until the day of a match. In spite of these rules, teams were often the victims of "late night hi-jinks." They would have their airplanes–or themselves–sabotaged the night before a match.[2]

After meeting Bentley online, Penelope offered to join his team if they were able to defeat the Black Baron in the most recent ACES competition.[1] During the competition, Penelope, who was masquerading as the Baron's mechanic, helped Bentley protect Team Cooper's bi-plane from Muggshot.[3] Meanwhile, Team Cooper framed Teams Belgium and Iceland for sabotaging the other. By doing so, Sly was able to stand a chance in the semi-finals round and move on to the finals.[4]

Cooper Gang wins ACES

Penelope crowns the newest champions of the ACES competition.

The final round was a three-way battle between Team Cooper, Team Black Baron, and Team Muggshot. However, Team Muggshot was crippled after their leader was arrested by Carmelita Fox.[5] During the match, Sly nearly destroyed Penelope's airplane. Resorting to her tricks, Penelope called in her gunships, but they were destroyed by Bentley. Both pilots abandoned their planes and battled on the wing of a passenger jet. Sly bested Penelope and revealed her identity as the Black Baron.[6] Before explaining herself, Penelope crowned Team Cooper as the champions of the ACES competition.[7]

With Penelope subsequently joining the Cooper Gang and abandoning the Black Baron disguise, the fate of the competition is unknown.


This is a list of all known teams to have participated in the ACES competition:


  • As can be seen in early images of the game, Sly Cooper was going to go up against Team Muggshot during the competition, and have to take down Muggshot himself.[8]


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