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3D glasses that came with Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves

3D jobs are originally only present in the PlayStation 2 version Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves, but the in The Sly Collection, all jobs in all three games can be played in 3D if the TV allows 3D viewing.

In these jobs, Sly or the rest of the gang have to use the depth optimizer goggles that Bentley created. When one of these jobs show up, the player is given the option to chooses whether they want to play the following job in 3D. Sly 3 on the PlayStation 2 comes with a set of 3D glasses that you can use to see these jobs in 3D. In the Sly Collection, the player is not given the option for 3D, and the job starts normally, either in 2D with a 2D TV or in 3D with a 3D TV.

List of 3D jobs

Original 3D jobs

3D added for replays

These jobs can be played in 3D during replays.

3D Master Thief Challenges

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