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Sly Cooper Wiki

A wiki all about the Sly Cooper series!
A wiki all about the Sly Cooper series!
Welcome to the Sly Cooper Wiki

The Sly Cooper Wiki is an online resource for the Sly Cooper series that anyone can edit.

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Note: This wiki covers information about the Sly Cooper series, and as such may contain spoilers.

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Sly Cooper film

The Sly Cooper film is an upcoming movie directed by Kevin Munroe, with a release year set to 2016. The movie will be based off of the events of Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus, with the characters not quite the master thieves they are yet. Sly and the gang are animated in new 3D CGI animation, and the movie will be available in 3D upon release for those who want to truly experience the world of Sly Cooper.

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More about the upcoming Sly Cooper film

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Sly Cooper Movie - Official Teaser Trailer02:20

Sly Cooper Movie - Official Teaser Trailer

Sly Cooper film teaser trailer.

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What are you most excited for about the Sly Cooper movie?

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